Tenka national language class for children

Tenka national language class for children


I created a logo mark for “Tenka national language class for children”, a new class to be opened at Rakuhoku Hankyu Square in Kyoto City. The class is designed to nurture the “living Japanese language skills” necessary throughout life by encountering enjoyable books and meeting friends.


The feelings embedded in the logo mark
Snow and flowers falling while shining in the pouring light. Children (small birds) learning within the beautiful “celestial flowers.” Receiving blessings from the heavens, the buds will eventually grow large and bloom into magnificent flowers.

Design points
I envisioned a bright future filled with radiance and encapsulated it with vibrant colors. We intentionally opted for a design resembling paper cutouts, avoiding over-refinement. This choice aims to represent the individuality of children in their growth stage while exuding a warm and approachable impression.

Media Used

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