Shunsuke Satake


Shunsuke Satake
  • Illustrator
  • Character Designer
  • CEO of Hitotoe Inc.
  • Lecturer at Kyoto University of the Arts

Hitotoe Inc., founded in 2020, embodies the keywords of my life: 'people' and 'art'. During a childhood marked by frequent school changes, drawing became my way of expressing myself. By sharing my drawings, I was able to make friends and adapt to new classroom environments.

Throughout a childhood marked by numerous school transfers, I, often too shy and awkward to easily make friends, struggled to fit into new classes. To ease the loneliness, I'd spend my breaks alone in the classroom, pouring my feelings into drawings on my sketchpad. Curiosity from classmates about my solitary activity eventually drew them to me, turning these drawings into a bridge to new friendships. This experience was my first realization of drawing as a form of self-expression and a tool for communication, embodying the saying, "Art saves lives."

From then on, whether it was adding drawings to letters for loved ones, creating artworks for friends' celebrations, or drawing to uplift someone, I found joy in drawing not just for myself but for others. This joy hasn't waned; I still see art as a connector between people, society, and myself. Given my preference for drawing for others over myself, the profession of an illustrator, who can draw for someone else's sake, feels like a true calling.

However, becoming an illustrator wasn't my first career path. Although interested in turning art into a profession, I lacked confidence in making a living from it alone and chose to acquire a more practical skill by studying design. After graduating, I felt the need for corporate experience and worked as a graphic designer for several years.

Illustrators and designers, while similar, specialize in different areas; illustrators focus on creating images, whereas designers use these images within larger visual concepts. Comparing it to cooking, if illustrators are farmers growing vegetables, then designers are chefs who turn those vegetables into dishes. My background as a designer has instilled in me the ability to enhance the appeal of materials, solve problems through visual representation, and convey information clearly and accurately. This approach to illustration is one of my strengths.

So, why did I transition from design to illustration? Many reasons, but fundamentally, I believe in the potential of art to connect people, a belief rooted in my early experiences. Even while working corporate jobs, I spent evenings and weekends drawing and started holding exhibitions. My love for illustration and a desire to work under my own name were stronger than I had realized.

The journey as an illustrator hasn't been smooth sailing. I faced repeated rejections from competitions and took a decade to establish a distinctive style. Now, more than 20 years into my career, I'm committed to exploring the art I love and finding fulfillment in serving others through it.

The potential of art is boundless. It transcends language barriers and eras, communicating with anyone, child or adult. My goal is to use this power to improve society and the environment, connecting people, objects, and the world.


In addition to client work, I exhibit my illustrations annually at solo exhibitions. By doing this regularly, I aim to provide a space where people can directly witness the evolution and growth of my work. In an era where anyone can easily view artworks online or through social media at any time and place, the fact that people make the effort to physically attend these exhibitions is an incredible luxury.

    • Gallery 6C (Hyogo) / 2024
    • NASU GALLERY (Osaka) / 2022
    • gallery 6C(Hyogo)/ 2020
    • Cedok zakka store(Tokyo)/ 2020
    • Cedok zakka store(Tokyo)/ 2018
    • Ondo Kagurazaka(Tokyo) / 2017
    • Gallery Hokk(Osaka)/ 2016


Awards and Honors8


17th Kids Design Award


World illustration Awards 2021 Shortlist


3×3 International Illustration Show

39th Ehime Advertising Award, Newspaper Advertising Division

Adobe MAX Japan “MAX CHALLENGE” 2019


The 11th Kids Design Award

Good Design Award 2017

The 69th National Calendar Exhibition

Published Works and Collections15


Logos From Japan


Japan Motif Graphics

PIE International

Flora & Fauna

Victionary・Hong Kong


Illustration x Idea Design Collection

Graphic-sha Publishing


Animal Graphics

Sandu Publishing・Hong Kong

From Japan



Human Logo

Counter-Print / UK

Speaking Engagements, Dialogues, Interviews, and Media Appearances28


galerie6c talk archives

Wacom Wacom One ✕ Hi-uni DIGITAL


Kodomo Manabi☆Labo

Monthly Children’s Book




Company Name
Hitotoe Inc.
Established: June 2, 2021
Head Office Location
Head Office Location: 1-1-11-2F, Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, 650-0023

Head Office Location: 1-1-11-2F, Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, 650-0023

For postal mail and similar correspondence, please direct to this branch. Note that it also serves as a residence, so please Contact Me for more details.

Shunsuke Satake
Business Description
  • Production of illustrations, designs, and videos
  • Planning, manufacturing, and selling of novelties and goods
  • Development, production, and license management of characters
  • Internet promotion
3,000,000 JPY
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Minato Bank
  • SBI Sumishin Net Ban

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