Emergency food boxes for disasters -KOBE BOX-



I designed the package for the disaster emergency food box released by Felissimo. The box contains menu items created by food manufacturers and hotels with connections to Kobe, serving as stockpiled emergency food.


Update to stockpile for good eating on a regular day

We live in a disaster-prone country. Stockpiling food for “what-if” days is the most familiar and easy-to-implement disaster preparedness measure. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have something tasty to eat in an emergency is like a talisman that will support your heart in the event of a disaster. We can eat well and replenish our stockpile while wishing for a normal, uneventful life and being thankful for our normal daily life. Why don’t we all think about the future of BOSAI, which will accompany and circulate in our daily lives?

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