Hummingbird Program

Starbucks Coffee Japan


The card design for Starbucks Coffee Japan’s “Hummingbird Program,” which has been supporting the education of economically disadvantaged children and youth since 2012. The card design is a simple yet powerful depiction of a hummingbird’s drop, which symbolizes the program.


The Hummingbird Program
A Story that Begins with a Single Card

This program tells the tale of a small hummingbird, symbolizing the power of collective action. It all starts with a single card—a Starbucks Card adorned with the hummingbird motif. From March 5, 2024 (Tuesday) to May 28, 2024 (Tuesday), when customers opt for the “Hummingbird” Starbucks Card, they contribute a 100 yen donation. Moreover, throughout this period, Starbucks pledges to donate 1% of the total purchase amount made with these designated cards. Thus, what seems like a small gesture unfolds into a grand narrative of solidarity and meaningful impact.

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