Easy with stickers! Art Brain “Chigirie”

Poplar Publishing


Poplar Publishing will release “Easy with stickers! Art Brain Chigirie” to be released by Poplar Publishing on July 10, 2024.

Supervised by Dr. Naoko Narita, pediatrician and professor at Bunkyo University’s Faculty of Education, this sticker book helps develop concentration, imagination, and a sense of color while strengthening the children’s hands in two steps of “tearing” and “pasting”.


A total of 15 sticker sheets with various patterns, such as cute patterns, gradations, and photo materials, are included. You can select and apply your favorite stickers according to the motifs. The special stickers developed for chigiri-e have slits in them so that they can be easily torn off by children’s hands.

Examples of motifs
Fish / Pizza / Trees / Clothes / Cakes / Balloons / Rain / Harinezumi (hedgehog) / Feast / Ohanabatake (flower field) / Fireworks / Forest scenery / Seascape / Hairstyle

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