Flooded animal scale

Nishi Ward, Osaka City


I created illustrations for the original “Flood Depth Sign” design in Nishi Ward, Osaka City, to indicate the depth of flooding caused by a tsunami from the Nankai Trough earthquake.

The illustrations depict animals on Noah’s Ark, with their body heights serving as a ruler. These signs are installed in tsunami evacuation facilities such as elementary, junior high, and high schools to make the information more understandable and accessible to many people.

The “Flooded Animal Scale” won the 2014 Good Design Award in Japan.


Universal design that is understandable to everyone

We aim to design disaster information that, rather than simply emphasizing danger, is integrated into daily life as part of everyday living. This design should be easily accessible and relatable to everyone, including children, the elderly, and foreigners.



Masaaki Koga


Shinichi Takaoka


Akiko Masunaga

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