Web Portfolio Site Renewal

Thank you for visiting Satake Shunsuke’s web portfolio site. I’m excited to announce that the site has undergone a complete renewal.

I have enhanced the content of the portfolio site and introduced a new feature that allows you to search for illustrations based on ‘media usage, industry, color, and tags.’ This makes it even easier to find the illustrations you are looking for.

I have also introduced a ‘bookmark’ feature that allows you to save favorite illustrations directly in your browser. This will enable you to use the site more extensively and conveniently over time.

I plan to continue adding new works steadily, aiming to make the site even more engaging. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Creative Direction: Takashi Maeda (NASU)
Web Direction / Web Design: Seiya Nakagawa (NASU)
Logo Design: Setsuyo Koga (NASU)
Frontend Development: Dai Yoshinaga (SETSUNA inc.), Mao Ueda (SETSUNA inc.)
Backend Development: Dai Yoshinaga (SETSUNA inc.)
Copywriting Supervision: Aya Hamada (NASU)
Photography: Toshinori Oosaki (photo scape CORNER.)

I've discovered a wallpaper.

Thank you for always using our website. I am pleased to present you with a wallpaper. Please feel free to use it for personal use only.